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Using personalized biomarkers to increase the health and performance of individuals

Your Own Personalized Schedule

We all know the struggles of not having order in our life. Feeling like we are not being very productive and are not living our lives to the fullest potential. Ascentira can provide you with the tools to turn your life around and start becoming the best version of you.

Wearable NanoSensors

Two sensors are placed in the Ascentira wearable wrist brand: a PPG sensor and a GFET sensor.

Trackable Biomarkers

The PPG sensor measures the user’s heart rate and blood pressure while the GFET sensor measures the user’s cytokines, sweat glucose and cortisol levels.

Machine Learning Technology

We are leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms to further personalize the schedule to you.

Monitoring Your Health

We will be monitoring your health and uploading your information to your phone for you to see. 


The Ascentira Wrist Band

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You will be provided with a wearable wrist band that is adjustable and comfortable 

Utilizing PPG and GFET sensors that will measure your biomarkers

Fully rechargeable in only two hours


To Optimize Yourself You Have To Know Yourself

Our Company Values

Our mission at Ascentira is to create a world where everyone is optimized to their fullest potential

Some of our company values include:


  • Accountability - Taking ownership for personal and collective high performance

  • Integrity - We hold ourselves to the highest standards to build trust and protect your personal data

  • Customer Oriented - Improving the lives of customers by creating the most personalized schedules


What Motivates Us


of workers have experienced burnout


of people are experiencing extreme stress


of people feel sleep deprived most nights


of time wasted by the average person per week

Meet The Team

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